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Thank you for interest in local farm fresh dairy products and having the time saving convenience of never having to run to the grocery store.

School mornings are a huge challenge; getting all the children up, dressed, fed a nutritious breakfast and out the door in time for the morning school bell.

When you open the fridge and there is not any milk or eggs on the shelf and you find no bread in the drawer, your morning turns into a disaster and your stress level goes over the top. You put on your slippers and head to the corner store, in your pajamas, for those breakfast staples.

Imagine, when you have Reed’s Milk Delivery Service. Without any worry you have milk, eggs, bread and other locally fresh and nutritious products for your family delivered right to your home. No stress and no worry.

We have been saving family’s mornings for 58 years with local farm fresh dairy products from our family dairy.

Get the convenience and freshness of Reed’s milk delivery.
All you need to do is:

  1. Select your location
  2. Enter in your information and order
  3. Then enjoy your first delivery and calm mornings.

As a thank you for starting milk delivery service from us, you will receive a free party pack which includes 1 half gallon Chocolate Milk, 1 bag Cheese Curds, 4 Sweet Valley Cookies.

Choose your location now to start you milk delivery service from your local cows.

All the best,